470 Worlds 2013: La Rochelle

Just a quick note to say that we start our World Champs on Monday the 5th of August, and they go through until the 10th…  There is a great turnout here in La Rochelle for this 50th anniversary of the 470, with the Junior and Masters worlds finishing off yesterday it has been a big week, and looks to be an even bigger week for the Open Championships!


If you want to keep an eye on the results, check out some pics and hopefully some videos of the event, check out the official regatta website here.  Also check out the 470 associations Facebook page where they post lots of pics and info about whats going on!

We have been here in La Rochelle for just under two weeks, had a great build up and just looking forward to getting racing!  Warming up today with the ‘Legends Trophy‘ which is basically a one day regatta for anyone from the last 50 years who has won either an Olympic medal or a 470 World or European Championship.  We are all sailing supplied boats and the fleet includes champions from way back in 1969 up to us being the newbies as London gold medalists in 2012, quite a spread!!


Then its onto the actual world champs, with a two day opening series – where we will be split into two fleets for qualifying, consisting of five races over two days.  After which the fleet will be split into gold and silver fleets for the final seven races, leading into the medal race on the final day with the top eight boats.  So a big week of sailing ahead of us and we are looking forward to just getting out there and giving it heaps!


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